We offer a wide range of classes and programs. Here are a few you might be interested in.

TRX Suspension Training

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Used by the US Military, TRX Suspension Training is a system in which you use your own bodyweight and the force of gravity, to do a huge range of exercises. You can stay in control and work at your own pace by simply adjusting your body position to increase or decrease resistance. TRX Suspension Training offers:

  • An exercise system that can be easily set up anywhere, in or out of doors
  • A fast and effective workout for the whole body
  • Strengthening exercises for your vital core muscles
  • A way to increase your muscular endurance
  • A workout that can be adapted for people of all fitness levels and ages

Circuit Training

This is an old favorite when it comes to staying in shape and remains exhausting yet exhilarating. Offering body conditioning and high intensity aerobics, circuit training helps you drop fat, build your strength up and increase your muscular endurance. Here at NuFit we like to mix up our circuit training with fun new exercises so there is always something you've never tried before and different muscles to target in each session. We also run a TRX circuit for a whole body workout.

Virtual Coaching (online Personal Training)

In-Person training not your style?  Don't worry, we have a solution.  You get your workout delivered electronically through our mobile platform and a dietetic strategy to get your the body you want.  We also supply you with healthy recipes, online Skype check-ins 3x a month and guidance along the way.  We hold your hand, virtually!

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Personal Training

If you are a little gym-shy, want to give your fitness a real kick start, or simply need to fit your fitness around your work hours, it is worthwhile looking into personal training. A trainer can not only work with your timetable but also tailor a class to meet your exact fitness needs. You might want to lose weight, train for a specific event, or even rehabilitate after injury. Your trainer can help you assess your goals and teach you how to meet them, while motivating you every step of the way!

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