Boris Ruhadze

Boris Ruhadze

Owner & Trainer

Certifications: ISSA, TRX, Sport Nutrition

Boris specializes in personal training, rehabilitation and sport nutrition, as well as group training with TRX Suspension Training and and concentrating on building core strength. He has nearly a decade's worth of athletic experience and brings a solid understanding and knowledge of health and fitness to his challenging, dynamic workouts.

    • What motivates you?

Putting a smile on someone's face as they see their body transform.

  • What do you love about what you do?
    I love how TRX and Advocare nutritional products, in combination, can take a regular person who is struggling with their weight and give them the body they always wanted. Taking an athlete to the next level, whether that’s running faster or being stronger, is really satisfying too.
  • My top fitness tip is...
    weight loss is simple, not easy!
  • My fitness inspiration is...
    wanting to be a good example for my clients.
  • What's your biggest challenge in helping people get fit and healthy?
    We can have an amazing workout, but it can be ruined with one meal. Making sure nutrition is balanced is the toughest part of the job.
  • My personal fitness achievement is...
    going from 20% body fat to under 10%.

Roman Bondari

Roman Bondari


Certifications: ISSA Certified Trainer

Roman is an ISSA certified personal trainer and NPC Physique Competitor with expertise in strength endurance conditioning, functional and metabolic training and muscle development. He has been powerlifting and bodybuilding for over 10 years. Roman enjoys sharing his passion for sports and a healthy lifestyle with his clients. His knowledge in nutrition has helped numerous clients reach their goals of fat loss and muscle development. Each client receives a personalized program specific to their goals. Romans motto is "Commit to be FIT".

Deidre Garcia

Deidre Garcia

Trainer and Group Instructor

Certifications: NASM Certified Trainer

Deidre has been in the fitness industry for 21 years, starting in 1992 as the general manager of the Gold's Gym in Allentown PA. Then moving to Atlanta became an AFFA certified personal trainer, running her own business and working as the morning manager at the Gold's Gym in Sandy Springs.

Deidre then achieved her NASM certification and started  Performance Fitness & Lifestyle Training in Columbus GA for the last 4 years with 40 plus clients. She taught boot camps at various locations to include AFLAC and Blue Cross & Blue Shield.

Deidre competes in Figure and runs an occasional 5 or 10K. Her hobbies are shooting handguns, trail running and is very interested in MMA, boxing and Martial Arts. She is the Mother of 2 athletic children who are 13 & 16 and compete in baseball, cheerleading and ballroom dance.

Fitness is her passion and she lives the lifestyle everyday. She has many years of experience and "practices what she preaches" daily. She is committed to making sure each of her clients reaches their personal goals. She is a 24 hour a day lifestyle coach and believe that with the combination of good nutrition and supplementation, the right training program and commitment each of her clients can maximize their results.