First time with TRX! posted 11/15/2012

5/5 user rating I had never done a TRX workout before and was excited for my first class at NuFit. Boris is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly, and did a great job with everyone in the class. I've been going to NuFit on a regular basis ever since and it keeps getting better. I highly recommend Boris to anyone who wants to do something different with their workouts.

A Special Thanks

Dear Roman,

I wanted to thank you for the excellent service you and your personal training that you have given to me over the past 10 months. And also, wanted to congratulate you and myself for achieving the goals we set.

You are most patient and courteous to your clients and the many other members of the club who approach you during our sessions with questions regarding the use of the new equipment of personal training in general. Your professional and polite manner with all clients and members levels of fitness and knowledge gives me the security that I am with one of the best fitness trainers I have come across.

Started working with you around mid of October 2013 with 228 Lbs weight body. You did some body assessments with me to figure out my strength and weaknesses which really helped a lot. You guided me through food and diet plan. And made sure I am following the same, as proper food and diet is the key to success.

Today I am fit and can do things I could have just dreamed of. With present weight of 168 Lbs, I lost almost 60 Lbs in just a matter of time. And Now, we are all set and started for our next goals.

Really appreciate your help all the way !


Amal Testimonial

Age is Just a Number

Beverly Testimonial

My name is Beverly and I have been a client of Roman Bondari’s for the past year.  I had tried doing exercise and diet on my own for several years with limited success. Even when I managed to take some weight off, I would eventually put it back on.  When I turned 60 and hit 185 pounds, my heaviest weight ever, I decided to try working with a personal trainer.  The results I’ve achieved with Roman’s help have been beyond my wildest dreams.  I had hoped to lose 25 pounds – I’ve now lost 45 pounds and have gone from a size 14 to a size 6!  Even more important, I feel that the use of a personal trainer has given me the formula for keeping that weight off.

Roman provides nutritional counseling as well as a challenging exercise regimen.  He constantly changes the exercise routines which keeps our sessions interesting and challenging.  He closely monitors posture and form, keeping me injury-free even though I am far from a natural athlete. I am constantly amazed at how a small change in position can have such a huge impact on the muscle group being targeted. Over the past year I’ve seen a significant change in my strength, endurance and definition and feel that I am in the best condition of my life.  I’ve even improved my golf game, much to my husband’s amazement.

I also appreciate Roman’s flexibility in accommodating changes to my schedule – there is no excuse for missing sessions!  He keeps the sessions fun – a lot of laughter is mixed in with a lot of hard work.  I would highly recommend Roman to anyone who is serious about achieving their goals for health and fitness.

- Beverly

Great Workout posted 12/16/2012

5/5 user rating For anyone who needs to change up their routine, feel stronger and look better. Boris's workouts are challenging each time you go and are tailored to fit your natural progress. The results are fabulous! My core strength and fitness levels have grown at a much faster rate and as a trainer, he works hard to make sure you get the most out of your workouts. I highly recommend NuFit and TRX!

5/5 user rating I had never done TRX before or worked with a trainer and was getting really bored with my gym routine. I heard about NuFit Studio and decided to give it a try. Boris was really patient with me. He started off with the basics and has kept challenging me to work harder and push myself farther. I have never felt as strong as I do now, especially my core strength. Each workout is different and very challenging. I love it and highly recommend Boris and NuFit Studio!!

I started coming to NuFit Studio about 2 months ago. I have been impressed with the studio. They are more than accommodating on the times you can work out, and will add classes if requested. The unlimited usage model per month is the best part- as a working mom who travels I love being able to just drop in when in town.

I love their expertise on both nutrition and exercise. I have made significant improvement in my muscle definition since starting at NuFit. I look forward to continuing to improve my fitness level and continue to strengthen my core.