Pricing FAQ

How does Auto Pay work?

We offer three different Auto Pay Memberships, each one on a three month basis. Every month on your enrolment day, the selected Auto Pay amount will be deducted. You can cancel at the end of the three months or continue your Auto Pay.

How do I cancel my Auto Pay?

You can manage your Auto Pay from your profile. Once you complete your three-month commitment you can discontinue without a fee. If you cancel prior to the three month commitment timeframe your account will be charged a $20 early termination fee.

Why should I choose NuFit?

We’re much more than a regular gym. We’re a friendly community where you will not only enjoy great workouts but also tons of support, guidance, inspiration and friendship. Here, your health matters to us as if it was our own and your fitness level doesn’t matter. We’re more than happy to keep you challenged as much as you need to stay motivated and keep progressing.

Do you offer any family discounts?

We do! contact us for more details!