About Us

We set up NuFit studio here in Ashburn, Virginia back in 2011 because we really wanted to give something back to our community; to have a space where people come to have fun and keep fit, while working on their long term fitness goals. So, don't come here expecting a macho gym fuelled by sweat and testosterone!

All you need to do is bring along your enthusiasm!

NuFit understands that everyone is different and has their own aims when they sign-up to a new program. We offer a range of services and classes including personal training, and fun group classes such as TRX Suspension Training, Circuit Training and the chance to get flexible and in-touch with your inner-self, through our industry leading Online Personal Training platform.

It's everyone's right to get fit and enjoy good health so at NuFit, there are no complicated and high pressured membership contracts and we price our classes at a rate that everyone can afford.

NuFit can be summed up in a word:


  • Commitment to our clients: We recognise that everyone has their own unique physical and even emotional needs and we tailor our programs to match.
  • Commitment to leadership: Our local community is very special to us and we want to provide everyone with information to help them improve their health, through our interactive lectures and seminars.
  • Commitment to excellence: We aim to be the best at everything we do. The best staff, with the best facilities and to foster the best environment at our studio.